While young children are encouraged to be creative through arts and crafts in school, we encourage adults to get involved as it is not only young minds that can benefit from taking part in creative activities. We have found that individuals do not lose their imagination and their wish to be creative as they age.

Here are examples of just some of the classes we provide: Wreath Making, Picture Transfer (on wood or glass), Stone Art, Upcycle Photo Frames or Small Pieces of Furniture, Decoupage, No Sew Cushions, Beginners and Advanced Sewing Classes.

The benefits of taking part include meeting new people, contributing to combating isolation, encourages creative thinking, increases motor skills and coordination, cognitive function and stimulation, increased self-esteem, encourages playfulness and fun and reduces boredom. Crafts promote self-expression and encourages communication with others.

When people are given the opportunity to be in a creative environment with others, this engagement enhances community through social connection and inclusion.

We have seen this first-hand when we were involved in overseeing the Famine Commemorative Quilt, a creative community project which was dedicated to all the young girls who left the Mayo area during the Great Famine.

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