The camps began in 2014 when we received requests from parents to put on a camp that was not sports related.

What better way to start a camp but to base it on our own passion, design, sewing, arts, crafts, and upcycling. The camp was designed with children in mind, suitable to all ages and abilities and accessible to all, crafts would be age appropriate and above all fun.

Children develop skills in sewing, problem solving, the ability to think outside the box, concentration, listening skills, observational skills, imaginative skills, confidence, creativity and fun.

When starting a new project idea it is lovely to watch the children blossom and see their confidence and imagination grow.
Over the years we have added baking to the camp (based on feedback from parents) this will be a skill the children will take into adulthood.

Children will learn how to turn their everyday recycled materials into works of art, we encourage children to recycle and reuse to encourage the protection of our Environment, we will show them how to turn the water bottle into beautiful wind chimes, the pea can into a plant holder, the coke can into a candle holder, there is no limitation on your imagination.

We encourage each child to have conviction in their own work and develop their own style. Our motto is: Art is never wrong it is unique, just like you.

The camps run over the school holidays,
Mid Term Break,
Classes are suitable to children age 4 to 12 years,
Times for the camps are usually 9.30 -3.00 ( check just to confirm times)!
Booking is essential as places are limited, it is on a first come first served basis.

Deposit must be paid to ensure your child’s place.