Please read the conditions attached to the Hiring of costumes from the Ballina Costume Company.

It is assumed that customers have read, understood and agree to the Terms and Condition of hiring a costume.

1. All hire costumes remain the property of Ballina Costume Company at all times.

2. Customers should check their costume(s) thoroughly before leaving the premises. In the unlikely event there is a problem the customer must bring it to our attention as any damage or missing items not initially reported will be charged to the hirer.

3. The named hirer has the sole responsibility for the costumes during the hire period and must not allow use by a third party.

4. Costumes do not have wigs or accessories included in the hire price unless otherwise stated.

5. The costume hire period is booked to allow for delivery prior to the event or dress rehearsal date and return after costumes have been used, unless agreed at the time of booking.

6. Costumes must be returned within normal working hours.

7. Customers must not wash costumes.

8. Customers must not attach sticky labels to any part of the costume.

9. Customers must not pin, sew or iron any part of a hire costume.

10. Costumes must be returned on the day specified on the invoice; failure to do so will result in an additional day’s hire charge and/or loss of deposit.

11. Costumes must be returned within normal working hours.

12. The deposit will be forfeited or the cost of a replacement costume will be deducted from customers credit/debit card (if applicable), if any costume is:
• Returned beyond reasonable repair
• Returned needing specialised cleaning
• Returned with permanent damage i.e. cigarette burns
• Returned with one or more items missing
• Or not returned to The Ballina Costume Company for whatever reason

13. In extreme cases of damage, whether malicious or accidental, the cost of replacing the entire item will have to be paid; this will be at the discretion of the Ballina Costume Company.

14. A deposit must be paid in order to pre-book a costume. No costumes can be booked or “put to one side” without payment.

15. The deposit is not refundable once a costume has been booked.

16. Any change to a pre-booked order is solely at the discretion of the Ballina Costume Company.

17. If a costume has been booked and subsequently damaged by a third party before your hire date, we will offer a comparable replacement.

18. The Ballina Costume Company bags must be returned with the costume, failure to do so will result in the loss of your deposit.

19. We accept cash and credit/debit cards.

20. Security deposits vary according to the individual costume hire cost.

21. It is advised to keep all fancy dress articles away from naked flames and sources of heat.

22. Once an order has been agreed and dispatched full payment is required whether worn or not.

23. The hire of a bulk order from the Ballina Costume Company may be subject to additional Terms and Conditions which will be discussed at the time of booking.